Doug Harris discussing his CALLED UP film project on FOX KTVU Sports Weekend studio show

OAKLAND, CA- With the countless documentaries produced each year about a wide spectrum of topics, filmmaker Doug Harris has embarked on the production of a film telling the exciting story about Los Angeles native Emmett Ashford, Major League Baseball's first African American umpire

"As a true American sports pioneer, Emmett Ashford was on the ground floor of the civil rights movement that ushered in the first black decision makers in professional sports," states Harris. "During the production of this documentary, our team has uncovered some great untold baseball history that will educate people about Emmett Ashford's role in American sports."

CALLED UP is another of a list of entertaining documentary films produced by Doug Harris about people that have made significant contributions in the world of sports. Harris' first baseball film, OUT: The Glenn Burke Story chronicled the life of Major League Baseball's first openly gay player, and was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2010.

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