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Doug Harris is a former All American college basketball who was drafted in 1983 by the Golden State Warriors, and played overseas professionally in the Philippines, Argentina, Spain and Italy. After his playing career, he successfully transitioned to the human services field with local government in the Bay Area where he made a huge impact in the communities of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond.

Harris’ career in media evolved in the 1990s through Athletes United for Peace (AUP), a Berkeley based nonprofit committed to promoting peace, education and friendship through sports and media programs. He attended graduate school at California State University Monterey where he honed his skills in digital media at the university’s Teledramatic Art & Technology Institute and earned his Master’s degree in 1998.

As AUP’s executive director, Doug was responsible for the organization joining the United Nations and being selected to the worldwide team of NGOs through the UN’s Department of Public Information in New York in 1998. In his first role as a United Nations NGO representative, Doug coordinated the sports programme at the 1999 World Peace Conference in the Hague, Netherlands where AUP ushered in Sports Diplomacy, an initiative for global athletes to become involved in peacemaking efforts through UNESCO. Harris also organized the peace conference’s Peace in Our Cities youth forum with NGO groups from New York, Columbia, South America and Sierra Leone, Africa.

In addition to his duties as the head administrator, Harris developed AUP Media, a division of the nonprofit that delivered video production services to state and local government agencies, educational institutions and other nonprofit groups. Harris also established AUP's Digital Technology Academy media arts training program for teens. Doug and his team facilitated the digital media training and created the award winning An Exploration of Our History seven-part community history documentary series. The academy received recognition in the 107th Congressional Record for outstanding youth program by Congressman George Miller, chairman of the U.S. Education Committee.

In 2012, he established dougharrismedia.com to continue producing video content for media clients and broadcast documentaries for NBC/Universal. Harris recently formed a filmmaking team with his son Douglas Jr. and produced FAIR LEGISLATION: The Byron Rumford Story, a political documentary that aired on PBS stations around the country.  The duo also traveled to the East Coast to produce UZIKEE, a film about the life of Washington DC's renouned ancestral sculptor. They are also working to complete CALLED UP: The Emmett Ashford Story, another PBS documentary about the life of Major League Baseball's first African American umpire.

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