CALLED UP: The Emmett Ashford Story examines the life of MLB's first African American umpire

SACRAMENTO, CA- CALLED UP is a one-hour independent documentary being produced by the Bell/Harris filmmaking team about the late Emmett Ashford, who was one of the most unique and coloful umpires in all of baseball. The film is currently in the production stage, with a host of interviews recently conducted with individuals that were closely associated with Ashford during his time in the major leagues.

The filmmaking team is seeking financial help to move the production forward to conduct the remaining interviews with some of Major League Baseball's most celebrated hall of fame stars from the 1960s. In addition, support is needed to: 1) secure the always expensive licensing rights for the archival film and photographs being used, 2) all phases of studio post-production work, along with all other complex legal and administrative tasks associated with producing this compelling historical film.

CALLED UP is slated for broadcast on PBS in all Major League Baseball markets across the country upon completion. The production will be another of a list of intriguing historical films by award winning filmmaker Doug Harris.

Individuals interested in making a tax-deductible contribution for the film can click the link on the right to our fiscal sponsor - the Pasadena Arts Council.

click photo to view CALLED UP filmmaker's 5-minute presentation