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A big question often raised today is can there be life without social media?  At around the turn of the 21st century, if your organization, institution or business didn't have a website presence on the internet, in the minds of many it plainly didn't exist.  That same sentiment now holds true regarding one's social media presence on popular platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.    

To fully analize this trend, we have to look closely at the social construct and methodology of communication by means of radio, newspaper, telephone, television and the internet.  Through close examination, each of these 5 mediums rely heavily on social media to augment their front-line marketing efforts to reach and engage their target audiences.  Just about everything you here on the radio, see on television, or read in newspapers and magazines can be found on the internet or appear on Youtube and the other primary social media outlets.  When you examine social media's impact on the corporate world, you'll find that it's the number one vehicle used to connect with consumers hands down.  

Current statistics reveal that Facebook has over 2.4 billion worldwide members to its service, and over a billion hours of video content is viewed on Youtube each day.  With 69% of Americans engaged with social media, more and more people are incorporating video on their various pages, and Instagram and Twitter are gaining ground..  So the next big question is how are you positioned on social media, and do you have an engaging video presence of original customized content on your various platforms?

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