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Post production is the final step in getting a fim or video project completed, and the editor is the person solely responsible for the outcome of the production.  Editors are highly organized creative thinkers that possess a multitude of technical skills, and are basically assigned the duties of working closely with producers and directors during a production.  A partial list of key tasks that editors undertake includes: evaluating video content, logging and capturing media, editing video and audio sequences, graphics design, special effects, audio mixing, color correction, along with the final mastering to the selected format.  

In Doug Harris' case, he often times wears all three of those hats (producer, director and editor).  If there was a tool that closely resembles his role in video production, it would be that of a Swiss Army Knife.  Doug's mind operates in a very complex manner in his approach to video production.  His ability to conceptualize images while simultaniously leading and guiding on-screen talent and interview subjects as a director, cohesively blends together his vision for how a project will ultimately look and sound.  In many instances, he literally assembles and pre-edits the different productions in his head throughout the entire course of filmming.  

With all the right visual elemants, dialogue and music in place, Doug is off to the races in the editing suite working his craft and bringing exciting stories to full life.  Whether it's an educational video for a college or university, or a biographical sports documentary for a television, Doug has a special touch for finding ways to educate and entertain viewers simultaneously.  His main objective in film and video production as an editor is to make audiences feel a sense of meaning and purpose behind what they are viewing. And the beauty is his ability to make viewers feel like they are a part of an up-close conversation with on-screen subjects, or right in the middle of an intense situation or the action of an exciting event. offers complete post production editing services for small and large video projects that range from on-line social media content, broadcast television programming, all the way to documentary film production.  

Project editing is performed using Premiere Pro and the complete lineup of Adobe Creative Suite postproduction tools that include Photoshop, After Effects, Audition and Encore.  Our NLE systems also provide the needed horsepower to assemble and deliver today's demanding 4K projects.

Special effects can be as complex as a costly produced explosion in a feature film, to a zoom or a pan on an old photograph for a documentary. The key to this element of video production is to find the right mix by adding just a little, and not too much to get just the right flavor.

One of the most important components of video production is the presentation of dialogue and the overall quality of the audio.  Proper planning is always the key, and the more control you have at shooting locations over those unwanted disruptive noises, the better results you'll have.

H.264 - MPEG4 is our compression method of choice, and is one of the most advanced formats for the recording and distribution of today's online video content. This format renders superior image quality and the best playback of all compression formats used by content creators.

The right musical selection for a film or video greatly contributes to the quality and overall value of the production.  Closely observing lifestyles and trends of target audiences helps to determine the best choices for licensing the right type of music for media productions.

Although more and more videos and movies are being streamed over the internet, DVD is still a viable platform for storing and viewing media.  We provide art design, intuitive authoring and packaging of DVD and Blu-ray media for clients who continue using those mediums.
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