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Viewing of online video has surpassed television and has quickly become the premiere communication medium.  People on the go watch massive amounts of video content via smart phones and tablet computers, making internet video the medium of choice for everyday media consumers.   The ability to communicate your message, brand and story through digital video is a big key to maintaining an effective online presence that engages target audiences.

Production of engaging video content has quickly become a major  factor in marketing/communications and public relations efforts in practically every industry.  One of the biggest questions is what's the best style to produce a video that 1) tells a compelling story, and 2) moves viewers to take some type of action.  Two of the most conventional styles of production are the documentary style, and the intentional style.  While both styles have their pros and cons, the intentional style focuses on a more scripted presentation of dialogue and visuals, while the documentary style tends to be more natural and fluid.  However, there are benefits to both styles of disseminating various types of information through video. is highly experienced at producing quality media and offers an affordable alternative for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, businessess and individuals seeking to improve their marketing and outreach strategies through carefully crafted:

  • Educational Videos

  • Training Videos

  • Presentation Videos

  • Promotional Videos

  • Special Event Videos  

  • Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

  • Long and Short Form Documentaries

Preproduction is "ground zero" for all of our media projects and films.  We work closely with our clients to help conceptualize, plan, script, storyboard and schedule their productions all the way through to final completion.  Execution of this process is our key to delivering client projects on time and on buget.     

We employ a unique and engaging style of storytelling for our videos and documentaries that is often times subject and/or character driven.  We specialize in creating content that blends carefully crafted dialogue with eye-catching imagry, and stimulating musical selections that leave favorable impressions on viewers.

Identifying and securing the right onscreen talent and subjects are key to the success of a production.  We provide the directorial experience that enables our video projects to commnicate clear, concise and compelling messages that help clients achieve their objectives while engaging target audiences.

Some of our media project clients includes:
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