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Shields Park was the center for all recreation for the segregated community of North Richmond.  The one square block park was a gathering place for many youth who participated in activities and sports under the leadership of the park's recreation director Charlie Reid.

The park was a fun, enjoyable, and safe environment where many North Richmond teens were empowered by the park staff to plan and organize group field trips, picnics, horse back riding, and swim parties.  Each year, Shields Park hosted the annual Chrismas Party sponsored by Charlie Reid.
Shields Park

Players in pickup basketball game at Shields Park in North Richmond (circa 1955)

Basketball player leaping high to block shot at Shields Park (circa 1955)

Unidentified teen relaxing on the lawn in the sun at Shields Park (circa 1955)

North Richmond basketball players posing as a group at Shields Park (circa 1957)

North Richmond teens posing with their awards at Shields Park (circa 1960)

Long line of people during Christmas waiting to see Santa at Shields Park (circa 1953)

Teens gathered in old hut playing dominos at Shields Park (circa 1968)

Kids posing for camera on playground at Shields Park (circa 1971)

Charlie Reid (left) at opening dedication ceremony for Shields Reid Community Center (circa 1970)

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